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Should I Purchase Title Insurance When I Buy a House?

By | October 18, 2019

Should I Purchase Title Insurance When I Buy a House? Buying a home can be a very exciting experience. After saving up your money and finding the perfect place, all you’ll want to do is move in and start making the place your own. However, if there are discrepancies with the ownership of your home, […]

How to Find Out if There is a Lien on Your Property?

By | October 11, 2019

Before you buy a house, it’s a good idea to ask about liens against the property. Real estate liens are a common way for creditors to eventually collect what is owing to them. If a property still has liens against it when you take over ownership, that debt can be transferred to you. Not only […]

Which liens survive a Florida foreclosure

By | May 14, 2016

Always Do a Title Search! A property purchased at a courthouse auction has an $18,000 judgment lien encumbrance. Presumably the purchaser is responsible for it. Before buying a property at a foreclosure auction, it is best to do a title search to be aware of the liens and obligations to which the property may be […]

The Florida foreclosure process revealed

By | March 1, 2016

Florida is one of the top foreclosure states in the nation and many homeowners are facing the prospect of losing their homes. Foreclosure laws are often complicated with long timelines. The following will explain each step in the Florida foreclosure timeline, beginning from the first missed payment to an eventual eviction notice. To begin, when […]

10 Title Problems to Watch For

By | February 29, 2016

Title problems tend to show up in one of three ways:- • During the title search, and are addressed as a matter of course without delaying the closing • During the search, but cannot be dealt with in a timely manner, so they do delay closing • After the closing, at which time the owners […]

What is “Quiet Title” and Why Do I Need to Do it?

By | February 29, 2016

Just getting started in investing with real property? Wanting to know more about what Quiet Title is and why you might need to consider it for any property you plan to purchase? There are many reasons that you would want to start a Quiet Title action. You shouldn’t start a new investment purchase until you […]