Legal Snapshot

This box gives you a quick heads up on what is going on in a property. Quickly see how many mortgages, if there’s any litigation and what the tax status is. Great for when you want a quick glance!

Property Information

This box displays the current owner name on file with the county, the county & state the property is located in, and the legal description.

Chain of Title Info

This box tells you who is holding the current deed, what kind of deed it is, and from whom the deed was transferred from.

Mortgage Lien Information

This section lists all liens that are mortgages. It gives you the full info for each mortgage, when it was originated, book & page of document in official record, and the origination amount.

Mortgage Litigation

The litigation that this mortgage holder has filed again the mortgagee is listed here. This is a great feature as it takes the guess work out of figuring out which Lis Pendis or Final Judgement is brought by which mortgage.

Additional Mortgage Info

This section is used to show any assignments that the mortgage has gone through since it’s inception. It also allows our researcher to comment on anything that you should know about this mortgage.

Other Encumbrances & Info

We will list any litigation and all encumbrances we find in official records that aren’t related to a mortgage here. Researchers will also add comments you need to know about the file here.

Tax Information

We give an overview of the property tax status in one easy to read section. A quick scan and you will have a complete picture if it’s county property tax status.

This is the cover page for our reports, all reports include full documents for anything refrenced on this page. You can view each document by matching book & page numbers ( 44031/1976), case numbers (CACE-0523256-R) or insturment number (#CF84747292) listed at the top of each support document page depending on document & county.

We also include documents for free of anything we refrence on the cover page. We don’t nickle and dime you like other title search companies!

See the full sample report with docs:


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