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Thank you for your interest in EasyTitleSearch.com. We have curated some frequently asked questions below for you to view.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered below please contact us for immediate support. It’s our goal to help you and we are glad to do it.

An Ownership & Encumbrance Report shows the current deed holder, open mortgages encumbering a property, judgments and liens against the owner that may attached to property, and current/delinquent taxes. The report consists of a Deed Search, Mortgage/Assignment Search, Judgment/Lien Search, and Tax Search. Together they provide a good picture of the current status of the property.

O & E reports are typically used as part of researching foreclosure auctions, they give you a good picture of the liens on a property, and through your own due diligence on the data can help you decide what to bid on. When buying the foreclosure at auction you should get an attorney opinion before making a final decision, an O & E report is not insured.

Generally, we provide FAST 1 to 2 business day turn-around. If we are unable to meet this deadline due to current work load, you will be notified beforehand.

Reports submitted over the weekend will USUALLY be ready on the following Monday between 12pm and 10pm.

There are no guarantees of delivery time unless you select the “Rush Order” service.

Commercial orders or Tier 3 & above upgraded properties may take longer.

If you need same day rush service, we can provide if ordered before 3pm for the cost of $25 per report. This is the only way we can guarentee same day service. If we don’t deliver it by midnight we will refund your money. This service is available Monday – Friday. A report that is rushed after 3pm will be jumped to the front of the line and will generally be ready before 12pm the following day. If you need a rush order for the same day but it’s later than 3pm, please call us immediately to see if it’s possible.

Yes, we do commercial title searches. Due to the nature of commercial searches the cost is a $110 upgrade fee over our regular search. Some can take 2 to 5 business days to complete and can cost extra. 95% of the commercial searches can be completed for the $110 upgrade free in around 2 business days or less. If it will take longer or cost more to complete we will call to get your approval before proceeding with your order.

There are literally hundreds of different types of documents on record, but not all documents affect title or encumber property.

  1. EasyTitleSearch does not show cancelled, dismissed, expired, released, satisfied, or terminated records as they do not encumber the property.
  2. EasyTitleSearch does not show records that do not affect the title or encumber the property.
  3. Judgements filed against the person for personal debt such as credit card debt, gym memberships typically in most states do not encumber the property and would not be on an O & E report, but we will show them if they turn up and they may.

Yes and no. The process to complete your order starts a few minutes after you submit the addresses for us to research. If you made a mistake on the address or need to cancel for any reason call us immediately or click on the “contact us” link and get in touch with us immediately before we begin the process. Usually we can cancel or change the address without an issue if it was placed in the hour, after that cancelation is at our discretion since we may have started working on your address already.

We process our payments via all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We also accept payments through PayPal. We do not accept checks unless pre-arranged with our staff in advance. If you would like to pay via wire please contact us.

Absolutely. We have a complete list of bulk packages on our purchase page. The more you buy the more you save. If you need bulk discounts for a different product of ours not listed on the pricing page please contact us.


Every purchase you make you will receive an invoice to both your email and your account page which can be accessed via the customer account area.

Our professional title examiners carefully search Tax Appraiser data, Tax Collector data, and the Clerk of Court’s Official Records for information related to the ownership and encumbrance of a property. We also run a name check to see if there are any Federal Tax liens.

Our professional title examiners carefully search Tax Appraiser data, Tax Collector data, and the Clerk of Court’s Official Records for information related to the ownership and encumbrance of a property. We also run a name check to see if there are any Federal Tax liens.

We will not be able to report on any un-filed liens like from the utility companies or any other lien that hasn’t been recorded AND indexed in the county’s official records. Many times HOA’s have un-filed liens so if the property is a condo or in an HOA assume they stop paying the association dues the same time they stopped paying mortgages and plan accordingly! In FL unfortunately it’s pretty common for code violations to not be filed with the county’s official records on time, or some times at all.

Open permits and easement issues are usually handled at a municipal level and would not be filed with the county and not be on this report. Municipal searches can take up to 2 weeks and cost upwards of $200 and are not part of an O & E report.

To find anything that can be filed on the house before you buy you would need to call & check with the utilities and municipalities. Always assume there are unpaid HOA dues as when someone stops paying their mortgage, they are not going to be paying their monthly HOA dues either.

We are doing a current owner search and will only examine the last title transfer. We will not examine the chain of title going back any further.

1 FREE update within 30 days of initial report, full price when original search is older than 30 days.

We will search as far back as necessary in order to find the last deed of transfer with monetary consideration. However every county has records dating back to a different year.

If the owner on record obtained the title prior to these dates, we will need to send someone to the courthouse to do a physical search, and if it’s possible we will inform you of the issue and ask you if you want to proceed as it’s typically $100+ for a runner to retrieve docs in person at the courthouse. In some counties we not be able to perform title search and will promptly give you a refund.

We create a PDF file that includes the summary report, and the first page of all of the documents listed on the reports and tax print outs (when available). Click here to view a sample. The report will be posted to your account and alert will be sent to the provided email address.

They are free and should be included in your report. If there are any incomplete documents that are listed on the summary page but are not in your report file you downloaded please contact us and we will add them for you free of charge.

We will refund your money if you are not satisfied with your report because of any missed liens on a property that are currently recorded with the county and in fact do encumber the property. If you find a lien that encumbers please contact us with the info so we can re-pull report to verify.

We are not responsible for clerk recording errors resulting in incorrectly indexed documents or missing liens. You should always check with attorney before making a purchase decision and not buy off a simple 1 owner search that is contained in our report.

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